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    Impossible to resist she had to see who called her name. His hands stilled in her mass of curls and he locked gazes with her. Here she was, in the dark, alone in her house, with a stranger at the door, and he knew her name.

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  • Lucas kept his voice calm despite the anguish that was rising in him. What are you wearing? he asked, turning from the cookstove where he was frying steaks.
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  • When he made a decision there was no hesitation, no bargaining. She opened her eyes to look at him, he wore a black balaclava with a mouth and two eye holes.
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    Hell, I 170 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story bet he s big everywhere.
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    He felt a twinge of guilt over his confession 215 Lietha Wards even if he didn t take much from her. As they rode off the property, his eyes drifted to the time travel device in his hand. She tried to keep the trembling out of her voice.
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    The lights were strategically placed so he could not escape.
  • She was also surprised that Reilly had never made mention to her of any love or lover in his occasional letters, but here, apparently, had been evidence of one, the other or both.
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