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  • He knew she had to be somewhere else, but managed to distract her enough that she had carelessly forgotten the time. Lucas thought to himself as his eyes focused on Ted dancing reluctantly with Linda.
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  • Tanya reddened, Shut up Linda! she scolded, you weren t there! Maybe we should get a room at the hotel, Ted told Megan.
  • He brushed the tears from her cheeks, Let s get out of here then. There was just something else that was different, she was radiant. She spun on her heel and approached the closest group of men.
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    There s no point in it, Ted, and you know it, Megan said. Once Cole loaded the last box, he glanced at the train station. He seemed very calm and pleasant despite the whole situation.

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  • Surely, any man worthy of her would be smart enough to marry her.
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    She only came back to visit her to see if she was calm enough to tell her the truth.

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    Benton Commercial Capital

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  • He d dealt with men much more powerful than Lucas Edwards.

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  • Charles didn t do it when Ted was nearby, but as soon as Ted was out of hearing range, Charles would cheer her on for working.

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    She stared at him, You are the superior Vampire Lucas. He thought he could get her out of his mind, but when she came to the art auction, his 51 Lietha Wards feelings for her intensified.

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  • Plopping it on her head, she shook a finger at Megan. Lifting his head he settled his eyes on hers, You re wrong, you have seen me in my true form, now you have a problem.
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    However, Jason was also under Lucas protection in that aspect and because he was very powerful, Jason needn t fear any below him, just those that ranked above him.
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  • So much for a fresh feed, he thought as he crouched down on his hands and looked over the edge of the eave. As she looked at her, the twinge of jealousy that haunted Linda resurfaced again and she did her best to squash it.

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