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Need commercial capital? Having a Commercial Lending Expert on your team will minimize many of the hurdles, allowing investing in commercial property to be both exciting and extremely profitable. Enter Benton Commercial Capital...

THE place to go when the bank says NO

For Leisure Properties But Megan had more to think about than Charles, time traveling and eventually saying good-bye to Miriam.

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  • Megan stopped and peered down at the woman who kept her attention on the forks she put in a drawer. What I lied about was my arms being sore, and I wasn t tired. She pointed to the mutt and looked over at where she expected her husband to be.

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  • When she was done, she emerged from the privy, feeling better but also dirty.
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    Valear managed a smile as her thoughts came through, I see. He gathered her into his arms and held her tight as she wept, I will protect you Elsa.

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  • As I told you, it is not up to me. Then she begged me to forgive her and told me you threw her away from you. As Elsa s steps fell into place with his, he began to change the pattern.
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    It says that Paul had two brothers, but he s the one who went on to begin a small inventing business, inspired by his parents who told him about the possibility of time travel.

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  • You would make me try more than this? he asked. His clothing was well tailored to his form; the long, embroidered flaps of his justicoat and underlying waistcoat accentuated his long legs and slim hips, while the arrangement of his cravat, the lapels of his jacket drew one's gaze to notice the length of his neck, the full measure of his shoulders.

    The dog jumped up and ran over to the door to turn the doorknob. Megan glanced at Miriam and their mother who quietly watched the exchange, both of them probably wondering the same thing. Now she s got it in her mind that she wants to be with him.

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  • It communicated a passion that none of the others had. If you continue like this, Tanya if you dare make her feel the least bit uncomfortable, I m going to throw you out of this limo, while it s still moving. Not only that Elsa, you deserve this She paused and looked at her, What other stuff?
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    We match borrowers and lenders perfectly!

    You can count on Benton Commercial Capital if...

    • You want someone who understands your project and sees the possibilities.
    • You want someone who can help structure your project to maximize its profitability.

    Contact us - we can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and make it happen quickly.

    Imagine how easy your life would be if you could...

    • analyze your investment,
    • choose the loan that makes it all work,
    • keep up with what's new and
    • get your questions answered by the expert,
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      If your dog hadn t been out in the fields doing who knows what, he would ve let you know I was here. Your murderous soul would have destroyed all that has been formed over eons.
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      He wanted to give it to her, just to see her smile and let her know that her affections were reciprocated, but she was abandoned by her friend. Tanya laughed wickedly, Elsa, you have no idea what that is. The rider of the buggy was none other than Aaron.
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    • Her beauty dulls each time she opens her mouth and her simple desires, dreary intelligence and selfish cravings never had the power as this one has within her. No, you are beautiful, she is just a woman who has a shapely figure, knows which fashions to wear, how to put on makeup and what mortal men desire in personality.
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      ...all in one place?

    How great would THAT be?

    We have over 16 years of experience working with Hollywood stars, investment groups, professionals... and serious novices, too.

    When your bank says NO, contact us. Working through the maze of loans to structure WIN-WIN deals, we are known for "making the deal work."

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  • She stared at his peaceful sleeping form on the bed as the light from the fire reflected off his skin. That is, if it would work on something like that.
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    His fingers threaded through hers and forced her arms over her head. Elsa was busy with Lucas who leaned over her to whisper something in her ear, she giggled. He wasn t holding back in his interest toward her, and didn t give her any reason to fear him, but she just couldn t shake that eerie feeling.

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    She shied reflexively, feeling the back of her pannier frame press against the carriage, and as her eyes left his face, her gaze finding the barrel of his pistol still aimed for her, Charlotte felt the first inkling of anxious fear.

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    At Benton Commercial Capital, you get more than just loans and expert advice. You benefit from our years of experience and great pleasure in helping you reach your financial goals!

    Ready? Together, let's explore the ever-changing world of commercial lending in real estate. It's our pleasure to share with you...

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    Oh God! her eyes darted back and for from his horrifying face to the torn sheets. He was being lifted upwards and was swung around in the air to face an unholy sight.
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