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    She wanted to show him what he was passing up. I mean you look in your early twenties but you seem so much older.

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    She really wasn t that afraid of falling after seeing what Lucas was capable of.

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    I m staying married to you just so I can annoy you every day for the rest of your life. This made her feel like she was actually worth something to him. When she pushed the button, the blast was so powerful, she squealed when they first hit her nearly knocking her over.

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    • I knew you weren t going to come into my room.

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      The men cleared the center of the barn, making sure the animals were taken to their stalls or taken outside to provide room for dancing. Though we know of time travel, we aren t supposed to interfere with people living in the past. Elsa repeated not noticing the change of his hand on her body.

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    He d gain wealth in the process since he knew where to find gold in California and Alaska. Her shoes lay on the ground beside her and she was wishing she was anywhere but here.

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  • She finally belonged to him, and all the annulment talk and hiding herself from the world would come to an end. The horror and the terror she felt were so undeniably real. He heard the animal take a wild turn to the right, through a thick brush hoping it s pursuer wouldn t follow.
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    Of course all vampires weren t bad just the majority of them are overwrought with greed, the lust for blood, and instinctive survival.

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