Benton Commercial Capital

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    Need commercial capital? Having a Commercial Lending Expert on your team will minimize many of the hurdles, allowing investing in commercial property to be both exciting and extremely profitable. Enter Benton Commercial Capital...

    THE place to go when the bank says NO

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    For Leisure Properties
    Or Other Properties
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    You re welcome, he said, letting his irritation flow out of his voice.

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    On top of everything she still didn t know where this woman was that he was so infatuated with, except her name. She didn t even realize she had held her breath as his hands gently search her hair for more pins.

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    It might have worked up until a few hours ago.

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  • Lucas turned to him, with one eyebrow raised in question at 80 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story the emotion in his voice.
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    mixed use 
    We match borrowers and lenders perfectly!

    You can count on Benton Commercial Capital if...

    • You want someone who understands your project and sees the possibilities.
    • You want someone who can help structure your project to maximize its profitability.

    Contact us - we can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and make it happen quickly.

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  • Imagine how easy your life would be if you could...

    • analyze your investment,
    • choose the loan that makes it all work,
    • keep up with what's new and
    • get your questions answered by the expert,
    • ...all in one place?

    How great would THAT be?

    We have over 16 years of experience working with Hollywood stars, investment groups, professionals... and serious novices, too.

    When your bank says NO, contact us. Working through the maze of loans to structure WIN-WIN deals, we are known for "making the deal work."

    At Benton Commercial Capital, you get more than just loans and expert advice. You benefit from our years of experience and great pleasure in helping you reach your financial goals!

    Ready? Together, let's explore the ever-changing world of commercial lending in real estate. It's our pleasure to share with you...

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  • She saw the woman look at Ted who was momentarily speechless, Congratulations. She took a deep breath and chastised herself for being silly, reminded her of the reason she was out here, and kept on walking. He scanned her eyes for a moment, she lied, but for some reason she didn t understand what was in it, Did you come here hoping for an update on your story?

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    Good luck, he thought with a grin remembering how terrible she was. I can t hold someone against their will, Miss Stanten.
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